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. but the obama administration is already gearing up for battle. >> the obama administration today challenged voting laws it says discriminate on the basis of race. attorney general eric holder made the announcement in philadelphia pledging to focus first on texas within texas first, okay. apparently eric hold certificate apparent-- approaching voter rights protection like we his first day in prison. look, i'm going find the biggest-- there and beat the [bleep] out of him. i'm sending a message here. the other states will fall in line. (applause) but look, look, i've got to say what has texas done to deserve that? >> literally two hours after the court's ruling, texas official said they would begin enforcing a new voter requirement even though a federal court struck down the law because it quote imposes strict unforgiving burdens on the poor and racial minorities in texas. >> come on, texas. what were you doing for two whole hours? did it take you that long to make the call because your hand was shaking too much from the excitement of being able to disenfranchise voters? and let's be clear. t
it. >> john: john boehner and president obama agree on something. the only other things they've ever agreed on were, one, estimation you need a good cry. two, michael keaton is is a best batman and three, brazil nuts are nothing more than packing material for all the other nuts in the mix. so they got a four. nothing shows though just how weird these coalitions have become than the fact that the president also ended up on the same side as this person. >> the federal government is taking in the content of american phone calls. it's not true. it's not happening. we need to deal in facts. let's deal in reality, not in false narratives. >> john: yes, yes. wait, wait. you're jumping ahead. you heard kroactly. michelle bachman just argued what we shouldn't deal in false narratives. for example, the false narrative that says michelle bachman doesn't deal in false narratives. >> the president of the united states will be taking a trip over to india that is is expected to cost the tax payer dlz 200 million a day. her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection and she suffered from ment
freeze. president obama has officially canceled his one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin. >> john: canceled? wow, that's a big diplomatic slap in the face, a dip move, if you will. ( laughter ) although if the president really wanted to hurt putin he would have said he was coming and just stood him up. trust me, that hurts a lot more. or if you wanted to be more passive aggressive the president could have said let's meet somewhere that's not technically in russia like, i don't know, moscow airport. ( cheers and applause ) look, we all know-- we all know why this meeting was canceled, right. >> president obama formally canceled next month's meeting in moscow with russia's president vladimir putin. why? >> missile defense, human rights, that controversial law there that bans gay relationships and a lot of concern about how it's going to impact the olympics in sochi. >> john: oh, that's right because russia will not allow a hint of homoswullity in an event where you either win a skin-tight leotard or sparkly tuxedo for your ice ballet. come on, come on, now. is there nothing else tha
, john. now, look at jeff bezos' rag from this morning. obama pushes internet proposal. (snoring) factual, boring. but my readers with the same story will have their choice of three personalized headlines. first, obama empowers proceed lee tear yat with wi-fi. or black hitler wastes tax payer money... again. or obama can have internet? >> john: i have to jump in here, i don't know. look, i am no expert in business. >> as your shabby screams to my terrified eyes. >> john: but won't printing's three editions of paper triple your costs. >> yes, john, but i'll make up for it by double-tripling my advertising. >> john: how is that possible, hodgman? newspaper advertising has fallen 50% in the last decade. >> my newspaper is going to take a cue from cutting edge technology such as radio and reality television by using product placement. now let's see how scoop bezos reports the international news. russian president putin today affirmed his support for the syrian government. nice word bezos. you just missed a huge revenue stream. russian president putin today affirmed his support for syria's gov
consensual sex with unicorns. and you know what, to his credit, president obama has made it clear that will not tolerate sexual assault. >> we find out somebody is engaging in this stuff, they have got to be held accountable. prosecuted, stripped of their positions, court-martialed, fired, dishonorably discharged, period. >> well said. well said. period. personally, i also would have gone with an exclamation point after that period. maybe an ellipsis to create suspense and frowny emoticon but we basically agree. we basically agree. this is clearly a good thing. statements this strong from the command never chief can only bring the problem to a quicker resolution with absolutely no unintended consequences. >> a military judge whose hearing a pair of sexual assault cases says he's been hamstrung by statements from president obama because what he calls unlawful command influence. >> the impact of president obama's comments about sexual assault, saying they should be prosecuted, stripped of their positioned, court-martialed, fired and dishonorably discharged and there have been a numb
. and tonight i'm proud to say we have the latest on the gripping story of the rodeo clown who put on an obama mask. (laughter) yes, i'm sure you all know. some said the media would be thrown off this rodeo story in a second. (laughter) but nobody, nobody rides this kind of bull like the heroes of cable news. jim? >> from the state fair asked the crowd if they wanted to see a rodeo clown with an obama mask run down by a bull. another clown playing with the obama mask slips. >> a rodeo clown who performed during the missouri state fair while wearing a mask of president obama has been banned from performing at the missouri state fare ever again. >> the missouri rodeo cowboy association president, he also resigned in the midst of this clown fallout. >> there is some new fallout over this whole rodeo clown issue. the rodeo announcer at the event now stepping down as president of missouri's rodeo cowboy association has all of this gone way too far? >> stephen: oh, it's gone way too far. the clown's been fired. the announcer resigned. the cowboy association's president has resigned. and countless bu
level are increasingly frustrated with what they say is an over-reach by the obama administration. >> we know what is best for us here in kentucky, and we don't want to be dictated to by washington, d.c. >> for kentucky state senator damen thayer, the feds have gone too far. >> the left wing liberals in washington, d.c. think they know what's best. they hut guns. they hade haight law-abiding citizens who want to buy guns, and we fear that there will be federal gun laws that actually take away what we believe is our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. >> other than that premise being completely false, what message did you send to d.c.? the senate passed a bill that would have nullified any new federal gun law passed after january 1. >> he's talking about nullification. an age-old legislative tactic where states pass specific laws exempting themselves from federal laws. it's a flawless political technique that dozens of embracing, despite fact the supreme court made nullification laws illegal on several occasions, but that is not the point. >> barack obama lost kentucky in a land
obama is cancelling his meeting with russia's president putin over tensions becausest n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. >> john: yes, that is clearly the only reason. it's-- it's always a good idea to pad out with what you really want to say with self-righteous human rights stuff like, "kimberly, we need a break. i don't like your stance on chine and tibetan monks and your boobs are weirding me out." if we want snowden back all we need to do is convince vladimir putin that snowden is gay. that away wayhe'llob a plane into u.s. custody faster than a definitely not homoerotic team of elastic clad men. that quick. actually, russia is not only global leadership story we're dealing with tonight which brins us to our new segment... indeed. now, we've already dealt with russia, so let's see where our magical dploab will take us next egypt! egypt. i just lift egypt. i'm not-- i'm not used to guns. ( laughter ) as the situation in egypt continues to devolve, the u.s. like a polar bear on a hastily melting glackier is trying to act like everything's still cool. ( laughter ) a couple of weeks ago,
a sad commentary it is that in the obama economy we're sitting around a table talking about people begging for minimum-wage increases. if the economy were strong, mcdonald's would be paying higher wages. >> yes. because that's how capitalism works. companies ailes pass on higher profits to their lower level workers. that's a fact. that's just-- that's how the system operates. (applause) >> every one remembers how during the economic boon of the 90s fast food workers were just flinging pizzas out of their rolls-royces. but it took fox new's neil cavutoo to lend this argument the personal touch. >> that doesn't look anything like me. anyway, what i am about to say isn't what we call demo friendly. when i was a kid would you be grateful for any job you could find. >> let me stop you right there. because first of all, you don't get to joke that sounding like a cranky old man is not demo friendly. because you must be well aware that the median age of the fox new audience is over 65 years old. or how much older? well, no one knows because, and this is true, nielsen stops counting at 65.
are we toward eliminating racism? >> 15%. a good 50%. 7%. heavens. that's just for obama. he gets 7%. >> we have a black president. i'll say 75. >> negative 20. apparently the state of race relations in this country is somewhere between this -- ♪ i've heard it said -- and this. all right. let's talk about race in america. >> talk about it too much. you think race is talked about too much. >> it is. the fact that we keep talking about the problem exacerbates the problem. >> perfect. let's not talk about race at all. >> the black people talk about race all the time. it's something we have to deal with all the time. >> white privilege affects every aspect of your life. >> my white privilege? it's part of your identity. it's at the intersection of a lot of different things. >> part of the privilege of being white is you don't have to feel uncomfortable just existing and thinking a police officer is going to profile you for what you look like. >> hot in here. this is not necessarily just a black issue. >> you see latinos and arabs being persecuted because of the color of their skin. >>
who put on an obama mask. (laughter) ye
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)